Get an Additional 3GB of Dropbox Space the Easier Way

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Lets face it many feel Dropbox’s referral system is a slow and hard process gaining that additional 8GB space. If you are like me who rely on Dropbox amazing seamless syncing technology then theres a good news for us. Dropbox quietly implemented an additional 3GB (up to 5GB they say) just by enabling your Camera Upload feature. You need a 1.3.4 above Dropbox version in order to get a pop-up (see above screenshot) offer when you connect your iOS or Android device with your computer.

As you can see above I now have a 12.8GB as my maximum storage space (yes I made a career out of it) I store photos, docs and etc in my Dropbox. Important suggestion, don’t upload ultra-sensitive-top secret-classified files in your Dropbox. The cloud is still not safe for these kind of files. Period and colon.

If you didn’t get that pop-up window then go straight to the preference view of your Dropbox and click on the “Enable Dropbox camera import” Seen on the photo above. Again you must have version 1.3.4 and above in order to have this feature. Lifehacker found out that for every 500MB you upload you’ll get an additional storage, I don’t know how much but I can confirm that I got an additional 2.3GB right now while the upload is still in progress.

We’ll be posting in the near future a detailed guide about Dropbox use for Photographers. Watch out for it.

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