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Video Shooting Mode Settings of Vince Laforet

on March 13th, 2012 0 Comments


Vince Laforet who directed and shot the viral video “Reverie” which is the first 5D Mark II short film showcasing the potential of HDDSLR film making. Vince posted on his blog his proven settings in shooting with the 5D Mark II through the years.

A month ago I decided to put this piece on the ideal way to set up your Canon 5D MKII for video.  I had an inclination that the release of the 5D MKIII was imminent – but these settings and principles behind them (although the menus will change) will more than likely apply just as well to that camera.  These settings also apply to all Canon HDSLRs as well.

Visit his blog for the complete tips



Video: Vince Laforet

Photo: Regie Fernando

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