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YKL the Distributor of Fujifilm Cameras in the Philippines Answers the X10 and XS-1 Orb Issue

on March 21st, 2012 1 Comment

We asked Mr. Ariel Tresvalles of YKL Color Inc. the official distributor of Fujifilm cameras here in the Philippines about ‘Fuji Almost Admits the “Orb Phenomenon” Plaguing the X10 and XS-1‘ we posted few days ago.

Heres his comment about the issue.

Yes, we are aware of the supposed orb or blomming effects, but honestly when we ask people who says they had experience it to give us sample, they failed to do so. Also the supposed orbs or blomming effect came out only in extreme condition that can actually be avoided by shooting properly or in low light conditions, you should shoot in long exposure to compensate with ISO.

And the statement that Fuji USA of modifying sensors, yes we are aware of that too but there’s no definite plan yet.

We’ll keep you posted when we receive an update.

Photo Credits: Regie Fernando

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    I’ve experienced this once and I don’t know when it will appear again.

    Here is the picture (the blobs on the sun):

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